Scenic Ohio ODOT Seminars


Scenic Ohio is presenting a series of workshops in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Transportation.  The workshops are held at ODOT District offices and are conducted by members of Scenic Ohio Board. Three workshops have been held at the Columbus, Akron and Cleveland area Districts. The goal of these workshops is to offer assistance from Scenic Ohio to ODOT staff in planning and vegetative maintenance of highway projects that incorporate best practices for the protection of environmental and scenic resources.



 ODOTSeminar session 001  Session 1 Bill Hendricks; Plants for Ohio Highways

ODOTSeminar session 002   Session 2 Hannah Mathers; Restoring Woodlands to the Urban Environment

ODOTSeminar session 003     Session 3 Craig E. Cawrse, FASLA & Patrick J. Beam, ASLA; Storm Water Management

ODOTSeminar session 004     Session 4 Jim McGregor, Tree Planting and Easements with Restrictions

 ODOTSeminar session 005     Session 5 Robert Tatman Making Use of Partnerships in Transportation Systems

     Session 6 Tom Mugridge, Dewy Hollister, Killer Trees, Invasive Species, Poison Plants 

ODOTSeminar session 007     Session 7 Noel Alcala, PE, Living Sound Walls

ODOTSeminar session 006     Session 8 Question and Answer Session with Presenters

     Session 9 Jeff Hutchinson, LED-A Better Solution