About Thomas R. Schif

Inside the Front Cover:

You haven’t seen the Buckeye State as presented in Thomas R. Schiff’s photographs in Panoramic Ohio.  As a matter of fact, it’s physically impossible.

Tom’s unique panoramic shooting style offers as much as a 360-degree angle of view – a snapshot of everything around the photographer, from every angle, all at the same time.  You literally have never seen it before.

Published by the Cincinnati Art Museum in cooperation with Ohio’s Bicentennial celebration, Panoramic Ohio presents 75 images of life from every corner of the state.  Many are as familiar as everyday life.  Some are glimpses into out-of-the-way parks, streets and events.  But whether you’re a lifelong Ohioan or a first-time visitor, prepare to be surprised.

Open your eyes (and your mind) and take in Ohio as you’ve never seen it before.  You won’t look at the state the same way again.


About the Author:

Thomas R. Schiff is a life-long Cincinnatian who graduated from Ohio University.  Although his professional life has been in the insurance business, he’s tinkered with photography since childhood.

Tom has been shooting with the Hulcherama 360 Panoramic Camera since 1994.  The results of his panoramic work have appeared in three Panoramic Cincinnati projects – a calendar, a series of notecards and a book.

A few of the photos featured in those previous projects, along with dozens more shot in every corner of the state, appear here in Panoramic Ohio which helps mark the state’s Bicentennial celebration in 2003.